Wachters' Distributor Web Site Program
Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site!

Web Site Features:

Each WACHTERS' Distributor Personal Web Site includes:

  • A personalized Internet Address - www.yourname.WachtersDistributor.com - By placing this address on your business cards, letterhead, fax cover sheets, brochures, and ANYWHERE else you might include your phone number, you will enhance the effectiveness of any of your other advertising...including classified ads. That's right, even the smallest classified ad can become as informative as a full page ad when used with a personalized internet address.
  • Your Personal Information - Your web page will include your Name, City, State, Phone, Fax, Email, 2nd Phone, Pager, etc. NEW You may add or change your information anytime online..
  • Online Referrals - Potential and actual customers and distributors who have found the WACHTERS' web site www.wachters.com through on line search engines will be given to distributors with a WACHTERS' Distributor Web Site on a rotating basis. The earlier you sign up the sooner you will receive credit for those orders.
  • Your name and Wachters' ID number: NEW Our new system will automatically credit you for any orders made through your web address.
  • Distributor Sign Up link: NEW Your Wachters' ID will automatically be assigned as the upline distributor for anyone who signs up through your web address.
  • NEW Your Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site has a pop up box that asks for an email address to be added to the newsletter (for weekly specials etc). Anyone signing up from your web site will automatically have your web site address associated with the weekly specials that are sent by email. They will be redirected to your Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site, NOT back to www.wachters.com. If you already have a Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site add your own email to the newsletter list from your own web site to see how this works the next time a weekly special is sent out. (The links back to your site will be available by end of January 2003)
  • Online Shopping Cart and automatic UPS shipping rate calculator: NEW, now available in the new system. See www.canada.wachtersdistributor.com for a prelimanary sample of what your site will look like. Your contact information rather than ours will be substituted of course.

Custom Contact Page:

Your can customize your web site with your personal photograph or map of your location and text to share your personal success story or other information. This is now editable on line. You may use html formatting to customize the look of your contact page.

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Important Note: It is not necessary to own a computer or have Internet access to take advantage of the Wachters' Distributor Web Site Program. You will get credit for any orders made through your web address automatically. All prices are in US$.

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