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Network Marketing: The Home Business Wave of the Future

By Michael S. Martinez

The home business trend that has swept America in the 90's is continuing its trend. More and more Americans are realizing the convenience and freedom of taking their financial destinies into their own hands. In addition, a home business is the logical conclusion when you look at the statistics that say that the average worker in America earns just over $25,000 a year, while the average home business owner earns over $50,000 a year.

Within the work-at-home movement, the biggest growth has come from the rebirth of the Network Marketing industry. Network Marketing has seen several companies reach billion dollar sales years. An increasing number of Fortune 500 companies are now utilizing Network Marketing companies to acquire a loyal customer base that could not be acquired through conventional marketing.

All this spells opportunity for those seeking to break out of the wage slavery and start living the freedom of self-employment. Following are some of the key reasons multi-level marketing has become a viable choice for home business success.


Of all part-time businesses, network marketing stands head and shoulders above the rest. By devoting 10-20 hours a week, many have developed incomes that match or exceed most full time pay. However, the key work here is "developed."

Many people are given the false impression that Network Marketing is a "get rich quick" program. The fact is that like any other worthwhile endeavor, Network Marketing takes time and commitment. Those who start with the impression that they will be cashing in big checks the very first month are soon disappointed. That disappointment leads to them quitting before they see any money or success. The key to success is consistent commitment.


One of the greatest benefits of networking is time leverage. Let's say you work your business 10 hours a week and have an organization of only 10 partners in your business. If each partner duplicates your efforts, you now have 110 hours being put into the development of your business.

As your organization grows more and more time is being put into the business. Within time it can actually grow to where there are thousands of hours being committed to the growth of your organization.


When you consider the average start-up cost of most businesses and the average investment for a franchise, Network Marketing beats the competition. Where else can a person find a home business opportunity, with a proven marketing system, for $500 or less? Some companies even let you enroll by simply purchasing a minimum amount of products at wholesale prices. How can you beat that? In addition, unlike any other business, operating costs are minimal. Most people who fail in Network Marketing fail because of the lack of effort, not the lack of capital.


The biggest reward in this business is not the financial gain, as great as that is, but the ability to change people's lives. Network Marketing offers everyone the opportunity to prosper while helping others achieve their dreams. A true win-win situation.


Franchises have a much higher success rate than conventional businesses primarily because of two key factors: a proven marketing system and a proven system of training and support. Many of today's networking companies have instituted strong support systems to ensure the success of their network partners. This is the basic reason Network Marketing is bigger and stronger than ever.


The potential for growth in networking is literally limited only to one's effort and imagination. With 271 million people in America, and only 8 million involved in Network Marketing, there is tremendous room for growth. When you start to think worldwide, the boundaries become almost limitless.