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01 - Introduction
Introduction to the audio testimonials

02 - Chlorophyll
Mother of 5 describes how Wachters' products saved her son's life

03 - Vitamin Supplements
Fellow uses anti-oxidants and other products to help fight cancer-related problems

04 - Garlic Parsley
Teacher who used to be constantly sick has regained here energy levels and now has plenty of energy for the kids!

05 - Health and Relaxation
Bob's a 50 year old who's prostate problems have subsided and finds it easier to relax and digest thanks to Wachters' products

06 - Protein Powder
Spinal Injury survivor lost part of pancreas and kidney function because of accident and thanks to Wachters' has now regained a regular glucose level

07 - Chlorophyll
Product distributor explains story of how she managed to avoid a hysterectomy thanks to a regular dose of Wachters' cleansing and chlorophyll products

08 - Calcium
Woman with three bad back problems and a recently developed intolerance to milk products has found help with Wachters' calcium products

09 - Ova Guardian
21 year old woman who almost had ovary removed because of ovarian cancer began taking Wachters' products and shortly before surgery found that her cysts had disappeared!

10 - Herbal Guardian
Anya was having major hot flashes until a 2 week supply of Herbal Guardian completely cured her hot flashes

11 - Original Wachter's Herbal Products
40 year old takes preventative measures to keep the potential for prostrate cancer at bay

12 - Strong Beliefs
Woman who couldn't trust past products she's tried finds security in our Wachters' products

13 - Energy Boost
Man and his son who's very strenuous work and exercise lifestyle has a huge energy boost thanks to his use of Wachters' Products

14 - Anti-Oxidants
Scott's a long-time user of Wachters' products (especially anti-oxidants) to keep his body safe of free radicals in the environment and stay healthy

15 - WA
Woman had onset of painful arthritis before taking WA. Now she's back to her gardening!

16 - Chlorophyll
Young woman with respiratory problems has an overnight success thanks to Wachters' Chlorophyll

17 - Coenzyme Q10
Young woman's health is completely turned around thanks to Wachters' products. She can now bike and run longer, has shinier hair and faster growing nails, a remarkable success!

18 - Many Products, great confidence
Rodney not only has had significant benefits from using Wachters' products, just the knowledge of how they work alone has given him great confidence

19 - Chlorophyll cures pets!
Lois fed her terminally ill dog Wachters' products and saved it from being put to sleep. The woman speaking also cured her dog's inability to walk thanks to Wachters' Chlorophyll

20 - Chlorophyll and antibiotics
Ear nose and throat doctor gave this woman an antibiotic instead of her Wachters' Chlorophyll. She took the Chlorophyll instead and within weeks was cured!

21 - Formula D and PGF
Woman with poor vision took these Wachters' products and had to keep getting lower prescription lenses every couple months because her sight kept improving!

22 - Chlorophyll: something to talk about
In denver 1976 this woman's father had serious voice problems. After surgery he took Chlorophyll to gargle and healed up so well it shocked the Ear nose and throat doctor!

23 - Blood
Blood workups on this woman's products have shown that her patients are quickly healed!

24 - WH-1
Woman with angina and a believed heart attack has been kept alive with a great athletic lifestyle thanks to Wachters' products.

25 - Formula D for the Heart
Long time user of Formula D and along with her husband have done beautifully for years, helping them cope with serious heart problems.

26 - Formula C
Wachters' products have been a Godsend for this woman. With regular useage they've helped calm her upset stomachs and overall keep her healthy!

27 - Conclusion
Thank you for browsing our testimonials! This is a quick conclusion to all the above.