Audio Testimonials 1-9

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01 - Introduction
Introduction to the audio testimonials

02 - Chlorophyll
Mother of 5 describes how Wachters' products saved her son's life

03 - Vitamin Supplements
Fellow uses anti-oxidants and other products to help fight cancer-related problems

04 - Garlic Parsley
Teacher who used to be constantly sick has regained here energy levels and now has plenty of energy for the kids!

05 - Health and Relaxation
Bob's a 50 year old who's prostate problems have subsided and finds it easier to relax and digest thanks to Wachters' products

06 - Protein Powder
Spinal Injury survivor lost part of pancreas and kidney function because of accident and thanks to Wachters' has now regained a regular glucose level

07 - Chlorophyll
Product distributor explains story of how she managed to avoid a hysterectomy thanks to a regular dose of Wachters' cleansing and chlorophyll products

08 - Calcium
Woman with three bad back problems and a recently developed intolerance to milk products has found help with Wachters' calcium products

09 - Ova Guardian
21 year old woman who almost had ovary removed because of ovarian cancer began taking Wachters' products and shortly before surgery found that her cysts had disappeared!