Audio Testimonials 10-18

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10 - Herbal Guardian
Anya was having major hot flashes until a 2 week supply of Herbal Guardian completely cured her hot flashes

11 - Original Wachter's Herbal Products
40 year old takes preventative measures to keep the potential for prostrate cancer at bay

12 - Strong Beliefs
Woman who couldn't trust past products she's tried finds security in our Wachters' products

13 - Energy Boost
Man and his son who's very strenuous work and exercise lifestyle has a huge energy boost thanks to his use of Wachters' Products

14 - Anti-Oxidants
Scott's a long-time user of Wachters' products (especially anti-oxidants) to keep his body safe of free radicals in the environment and stay healthy

15 - WA
Woman had onset of painful arthritis before taking WA. Now she's back to her gardening!

16 - Chlorophyll
Young woman with respiratory problems has an overnight success thanks to Wachters' Chlorophyll

17 - Coenzyme Q10
Young woman's health is completely turned around thanks to Wachters' products. She can now bike and run longer, has shinier hair and faster growing nails, a remarkable success!

18 - Many Products, great confidence
Rodney not only has had significant benefits from using Wachters' products, just the knowledge of how they work alone has given him great confidence