4140 Passion Flower Whole Herb and Extract (Passiflora Incranata)

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Soften the rough edges of your daily life with passion flower, an age-old herb that's recently been "rediscovered" as an aid for reducing nervous energy. While scientists continue to investigate the components within the herb that are responsible for its unique benefits, we're pleased to offer this quality, full-spectrum supplement featuring whole-herb passion flower to help gently take the edge off your stressful days. Passion Flower can be taken to assist you in getting a natural sleep which results in feeling refreshed in the morning. Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Amino Acid Chelate, The Wachters' Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation, Passion Flower Whole Herb and Extract , and Chlorophyl. 100 tablets

Price USD: $18.95Weight: 0.28lbs

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