5831 No. 93 - I.C.C: Advanced Bio-Culture Formula....

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This intestinal colon conditioner is a natural aid for the digestive system creating a healthy environment in the large intestine. It supports the natural flora in the colon containing over a billion micro-organisims, I.C.C. contains jerusalem artichoke, psyllium, Fructooigosaccarides (FOS), lactobacillus acidophilus, B. Bifidum, alfalfa juice, aloe vera, chlorophyll, Garli-Eze `, lemon powder, sodium alginate, papain, Wachters Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation®, flax seed, capsicum, black walnut and natural orange flavor. No.93: I.C.C. provides excellent nutritional support during and after antibiotic use. 6 oz

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